Klopal is a Startup Studio

We partner up with brilliant entrepreneurs and carefully validate new business ideas, build ideas into products and products into companies.

We build 3-4 SaaS or mobile startups a year. We are the first to invest in our startups with our own resources. Typical investment is 25-75k€ in software, marketing and business development resources.

Press Contact

Sebastian Haapahovi
CEO & Partner
+358 41 517 1897

What is a Startup Studio?

A Startup Studio is a company that builds companies. Startup Studios aim to repeatedly build several startups in parallel. Thanks to shared infrastructure and ressources, they increase a startup’s potential of success and optimize its creation and growth. Read more…

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Press Releases

Startup-studio Klopal auttaa startupit markkinoille nopeammin

Lehdistötiedote – Vapaa julkaistavaksi 24.08.2017 klo 09:00 TURKU (24.08.2017) – Klopal Startup Studio julkistaa uuden tavan saada digitaaliseen tuotteeseen pohjautuva yritystoiminta käyntiin. Suomessa vielä harvinainen toimintamalli on osoittautunut menestykseksi maailmalla, ja Klopalin takana olevat kokeneet sarjayrittäjät haluavat auttaa uusia startupeja testaamaan tuotetta markkinoilla huomattavasti aiempaa nopeammin. “Startup-studio mahdollistaa nopean startin omalle liikeidealle. Toimintamallia voisi verrata…

Turku-based Klopal Startup Studio helps entrepreneurs get to market quicker

Press release – Under embargo until August 24, 2017 9AM EEST   TURKU, Finland (24.08.2017) – Klopal Startup Studio is introducing a new way to start businesses based on digital products. The model is in its infancy in Finland and has seen considerable success abroad. Klopal’s team of entrepreneurs wants to help startups bring digital…

Turku is a good place for startups

TURKU (13.7.2017) Turku area has become one of the most important startup hubs in Finland and the Nordics. Turku already has dozens of organizations and companies, such as SparkUp, Boost Turku and Klopal Startup Studio, offering startup services. In addition, Turku is home to The Shift, which is one of the largest annual startup events…