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TURKU, Finland (24.08.2017) – Klopal Startup Studio is introducing a new way to start businesses based on digital products. The model is in its infancy in Finland and has seen considerable success abroad. Klopal’s team of entrepreneurs wants to help startups bring digital products to market significantly faster than previously possible.

“Startup studios enable a quick start for your business. The concept is like a rocket launch: the studio is launching pad, ground crew, and controller all in one, ensuring your rocket of a startup is ready to take off. Our typical time-to-market is around 2–3 months from initial idea to functioning product,” says Sebastian Haapahovi, Klopal’s CEO.

Klopal’s Startup Studio also acts as founding partners for their startups, offering expertise and resources for product development from the initial stage onwards. A growing number of software agencies and accelerators have recognised the potential of the startup studio model, as it enables increased efficiency in early-stage venture building.

“We provide high-level risk management at a very early stage of product development. The model provides a safety net for entrepreneurs, helping teams stay together and pivot their business model if their initial ideas don’t succeed as expected,” Haapahovi explains.

US-based startup studios Idealab and Science Inc. are considered industry frontrunners. Both have already helped launch several notable startups, including ecommerce platform, which merged with Finnish Netcycler, and Dollar Shave Club, which was acquired by Unilever for $1 billion.

Klopal’s newest portfolio companies include digital sports coaching platform Coplays and real estate crowdfunding service Groundfunding. The company aims to help Finnish startups replicate the success Northern American and Central European studios have seen in recent years.




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Klopal is a startup studio. Klopal builds new high technology companies together with entrepreneur teams. The company offers software development, finance, marketing and business acumen, and networks to its portfolio companies. Klopal is based in Turku with offices in Salo.